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ChallengeYou is a great site because you can easily make games without coding or learning a programming language. It may take a while to create something stunning on here, but it's easy to learn over time since the editor is quite simple and self-explanatory. -- darkComp

ChallengeYou is a fun, kidsafe editor. Everyone is friendly to each other! If you're looking on how to make games, ChallengeYou is your place. Iv'e checked out MANY other game makers (this was the first one) such as Roblox and GameMaker 8.1, but overall, ChallengeYou came out as TOP! It's PERFECT for kids who want to make games when they grow up. No frustration while working on the editor. It's a fun, easy, "drag and drop" editor! If you're looking into ChallengeYou's editor, buy it! It's totally worth the $10! - Lemontart9

If you wan't a place where you can be creative, play games, have a great environment and avoid any adult themes, Challengeyou is the place for you! - Archetype

ChallengeYou is a bundle of fun because you can play with friends, create awesome levels and play other people's levels.

A lot of the time, I usally think that drag 'n drop type level makers are a bit too simple and will not give out a good looking game. But ChallengeYou is totally different. You can easily make fantasic levels with time, patience and a good imagination.

Other games, like Roblox or MineCraft, may be able to give you tools to make things move or animate, but on ChallengeYou, you don't need to have that to make awesome creations. All you need is a good idea of a level, with or without a story, and you can build creations that are pleasing to the eyes.

It's also easy to meet up with some people on the chats or forums and become friends because everyone here are nice, friendly and awesome to talk with. Even the most popular people on the site will give up time to talk with new or old-comers. You can also play with your new friend(s) on any level built by the community by easily starting up a multiplayer sesion and playing said level online. After my 3 years of being on this site, I can say: I'm still here, having a bumdle of fun. - Sonic0107

challengeyou is an amazing site with awesome members,incredible games,and a responsive owner! point is challengeyou rocks! - Hido

Challengeyou is a great site especialy for more advanced game creators. Challengeyou also has active members on all the time who are willing to asist anyone who needs help. Challengeyou is more of a peacefull game with great players who get on here for fun and more importantly are good people.(meaning they dont cuss, spam, hac k, etc.) This place is great for children of all ages rangeing from 6 year olds- teens. Its a great enviorment and theres almost always something to do. And thats why I like cy. - 98clay89

I've always wanted to make games when I was younger. I'm sure everyone has dreamt of it. I soon drawn my attention to this site, and ever since that historical mark, I have heard a magical joyful voice in my head, jibing the same words over and over again. Those words were "Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.". And from then onwards I've been playing challengeyou.com nearly everyday. It is remarkable how many people don't know this site, yet the members that roam in this dream world produce unimaginable games that not even a proffessional game maker could make. So quiet, yet has so many big amazing secrets yet to be discovered by the world. That is why I love challengeyou.com. - Pixel_Pin

Challengeyou is awesome because its not as complex as other games. Its not complex and at the same time you can make ANYTHING.

  • The community is great. They are usually nice and not mean and they like to joke around.
  • Challengeyou is perfect for creative people to get together and have fun.
  • Challengeyou has inspired me to get out into the internet.
  • Challengeyou is about creativity and getting along.
  • We all love playing games and we all at one point want to make our own.

Challengeyou will help you do that. - lolguy116

The community in ChallengeYou is awesome! Everyone is super supportive and fun to talk to. Everyone plays each other's games and gives them positive feedback. It always makes me smile to see how everyone gets along so well. That's probably my favourite part of ChallengeYou. - sky10111

I love ChallengeYou because of many reasons being, and I may go through every reason if possible. Mostly I love ChallengeYou because of the gaming community and how aMazing the program, LevelCrafter, is set up. It seems a lot of work, and I would have to rate LevelCrafter a 10/10, because of how long it took. Many members could make dazzling and aMazing games from the editor. ChallengeYou's editor is easy to use and make games on, unlike other sites with programming and all that spazz. =P The users in the ChallengeYou community are really nice, and the handy dandy reporting system and the extras included in LevelCrafter are also very wonderful. I would have to give the design of ChallengeYou [and the programs within] a 10/10 too because it seems very original, and well thought out. ChallengeYou has progressed through the couple of years, but I wasn't there before 2010. I've seen several progression pics of CY on archives, and I now know that ChallengeYou must have spent a lot of time working through the progression of ChallengeYou. Because of the reason being, I would like to congratulate CY on making such a splendid and successful gaming community for [most] ages. Several other reasons that I love ChallengeYou is that I could play other games, and rate and comment on them. This gives ideas on games that I should make in the later times. This is perhaps why I have so many points, since I finished most games that are beatable. The contests included in ChallengeYou is also a splendid idea, because this gives the chance for members to prove their ability to make games, show their imagination, and play games. Basically, I got into ChallengeYou the first month I joined. Although ChallengeYou is a rather small comunity and has a few minor bugs here and there, it is still defitely an aMazing community and perhaps the best gaming site out of other gaming sites, such as Roblox, Atmosphir, RuneScape, MineCraft, and much more! (Opinions are awesome. =D) - sasruto

Challengeyou feels like a home to me. I have been on CY almost as long as I had the internet. I have made quite a few friends on here and most of the time this place is pretty peaceful and fun. It's nice to know that I can count on other members to help me when it comes to editor problems or to teach me a cool trick while building. One of the best feelings on CY is when you see the scoreboard of one of your games filled with positive feedback. It's just awesome to know people like your ideas. That brings up another thing, members inspire the imagination of other members all the time on CY. They bounce ideas off each other and keep the flow of imagination going. - kiba55

i love challengeyou because of the Community. i think all of the members are friends to me and it's a great way to be creative. i think challengeyou is a great site, and dont't want it to shut down ever. - tubbietoost

Many people have played a video game and they suddenly felt like making their own. Some of them might think that it costs a lot and they need programming skills to do it. I found ChallengeYou and all my doubts went away. It is completely free and simple drag 'n' drop. I had been given tools, an empty draw pad and my own imagination. I made many games that I enjoy playing myself and sometimes invite my friends to play with me. Not just friends that I know in real but I also met friends right here. We might have different interests and opinions in a lot of stuff but there is one thing in common for all of us - we love making and playing games. ChallengeYou has left an impression on me that no matter how many times I might close ChallengeYou tab, I will always return. - SpiritedBox

ChallengeYou is fun for many reasons, too many to really list. I joined for these reasons:

  • Easy to learn and play
  • Very Fun to play and make games
  • Child Friendly
  • Friendly Community and Betas
  • Free competitions to enter
  • Very broad game-making system
  • Multiplayer compatiable

If you can imagine, you can create - SpeedRacer

This site is great because it's so easy to join and easy to learn how to build games. It's a perfect way to let your ideas out, since you pretty much can build anything. ChallengeYou is kid safe. - Life_Story

Challengeyou has one of the greatest community on the web. The users here really try to help no matter how senseless their request may seem. The athmosphere is one of the best. I never heard anybody insulting anyone in the 4 years I was here. They are the heart of our Team. Team is the right word to describe this community actually. The Game maker itself can get a very powerfull tool in the right Hands. And even if you aren'T too good with designing, you can sill write great storys and make them into a game! and if you are good in both, you will probably become a Challengeyou Star in no time. - The Ghost

ChallengeYou has a great editor for people who have no or little experience in game making and is a amazing starting place. The online community is great and very interactive, and it is very fun to play your games and other people's games with the community. The contests provide a nice competitive edge that are very rewarding to the winners, and a good learning experience to everyone else. Overall, it's a very awesome website that I would recommend to anyone of any age looking to make games. - Max480

Challenge you is awesome in so many ways. I can always count on people when i need help coming up with ideas, or building tips. People are so friendly in multiplayer, and everyone gets along. It's REALLY easy to learn and use. There is so many nice members. If it wasnt for CY, i wouldent be using the internet as much as i do now. Before i found Challengeyou, i never really went on the internet much. But once i played this on multiplayer with all the friendly people, i could see why so many of them said ChallengeYou was awesome. - Gameguy7

Challengeyou is an awesome - no, a PERFECT site, because you can make an incredible looking game ni a simple drag and drop editor! There's also the cool points system, contests and race systems! And of course, you can talk to other members on Game Chat, play AND talk in multiplayer, and there's even a forum (which I am currently in(BOO-YAH)). All in all, it's a complete site that needs barely any improvement! - Cheese311

ChallengeYou has an awesome way of making 3D worlds in an easy click-and-drag editor. There are no limitations and if you're really creative; You can make ANYTHING! I joined ChallengeYou in December 2007, and there are many reasons why I've kept on playing for about 3 and a half years now. The best thing about CY, in my opinion, is the community. There are so many nice members around, and you'll find tons of good game makers. When I wanted to make 3D games as 12, I found it hard finding easy editors. LevelCrafter gives you an extremely easy editor which you'll only need a couple of minutes to learn. When you've learnt the basics and played some games by good members, you'll be ready to make whatever's trying to get out of your head into your very own 3D-world! Way too many young kids starts playing bloody and violent games such as GTA, CoD and Counter Strike. In ChallengeYou, kids are challenged to use their creativity and create stuff themselves, instead of playing 18+ games, where they learn to kill without purpose. I, unfortunately, started to play these games way to early, so I thank ChallengeYou for giving so much fun, and an addiction that kept me away from bloody, violent or meaningless games. Join NOW! You won't regret. - Haakson

I've been playing ChallengeYou for a very long time now. Everyone is nice and a fun to play with. ChallengeYou is an easy way to build awesome 3D games, infact it's so fun I usually end up obsessing for months and months I would be screeming in flames right now how good it is, but I don't think CY would like that. - fudgecycle

ChallengeYou is a truly amazing site, I have been playing for years. It has a small, friendly little community where everyone knows each other, so communication is truly enjoyable. The game creating is the most simple I have ever known, yet you are able to create amazingly fun games to play with your mates! It is truly my favourite game devolping website. - bluix

Challenge You is the most awesome site you could possibly go on. Why? Because Easy sign up, Friendly community, and tons of amazing games. - EpicWes

I joined ChallengeYou in May 2008. Iíve never been a big gamer, but ChallengeYou drew me in because unlike most online games where you run around killing other people, you can share your creations (which can be really anything) with an online community. Whenever I play those other types of shooting games, Iím afraid Iím going to lose some brain cells. But on CY, you can play smart and you can be part of the friendliest online community that Iíve ever seen on the Internet. ChallengeYou might be smaller than some of its competitors, but I think thatís what makes it so great. You donít have to worry about spammers and viruses and bad stuff that other big gaming sites have to deal with. All in all, ChallengeYou is a very nice online community where you can share aMazing 3D creations with your friends. - ilikegames44

This easy to learn, drag and drop editor is revolutionary, LevelCrafter, soon to be Levelcrafter, will make your jaw drop. You'll se what you can make in such a small amount of time. You don't need notepad and programming experience to make games that will certainly make you flabbergast. All you need is ChallengeYou, and don't forget the You. - Pokemvp

ChallengeYou is probably the most interesting website I've ever been on. The community is perfect. It's always fun to talk to the people here. The game-maker itself is excellent. You can build almost anything imaginable. This site is very Kid-Safe. All in all, CY is one of my favorite websites of all time. - Zozzo

THANKS EVERYONE!! I'm blushing. ChallengeYou ("CY")