To enhance the performance of the Shockwave application, we recommend that you close all other programs while playing.  Otherwise, the browser may close unexpectedly.

Make sure that you are using the most recent version of your browser and of Shockwave (Version 11.5). Cookies must be enabled to be logged in as a Member.

Adobe Shockwave is a multimedia player that is run within your browser.  It is only used when a Shockwave application is run.  If you do not have Shockwave installed on your computer, your browser will install it.  It is a widely used, safe application.  Follow the prompts on the screen during the installation.  If you have any problems, visit the Shockwave help page. You may need to uninstall and reinstall Shockwave.

Shockwave also uses "Xtras" to add functionality to the player.  You will also be asked to install one Shockwave Xtra, MoveCursor. This is used for first-person navigation using the mouse.

If the ChallengeYou application does not appear to be loading, look for a yellow bar across the top of your browser that says "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer.  Click here for options."  You must click here and select "Allow Blocked Content to run the active content or scripting" to run a Shockwave application. 

Downloading new versions of LevelCrafter

LevelCrafter is updated frequently. In most cases, you will automatically download the latest version. If it doesn't update, try closing and reopening your browser. If it still doesn't update, try this: For Internet Explorer, Select Tools/Internet Options/BrowsingHistory/Delete/Delete Files. For Firefox, Select Tools/ClearPrivateData/Check "Cache" and click "Clear Private Data Now". Doing this will delete the old version of LevelCrafter from the browser's cache. The new version should then load.

Logging in to

Cookies must be enabled to log into ChallengeYou. Also, in order to to save your login information so that you don't have to log in every time, you must also make sure your Privacy settings are not higher than "MEDIUM HIGH" for Internet Explorer. DO NOT USE THE SAVE LOGIN FEATURE IF YOU ARE SHARING A COMPUTER, LIKE AT SCHOOL. Always make sure to LOG OUT if sharing a computer.

Auto-Save during GamePlay and Editing

During editing, your games are automatically saved every 30 seconds to a small text Pref file in a Shockwave folder on your hard drive. During gameplay, this occurs every 10 seconds. These can be recalled if your browser closes unexpectedly. Some browsers may display a pop-up telling you about this autosave. This is completely safe and Shockwave is only able to access this one location to save and recall a Pref file.


Using Shockwave Player and the LevelCrafter software to play content is no more dangerous than using your web browser to browse the web. It is not possible to obtain a virus through the installation or use of the Shockwave Player, LevelCrafter, or the ChallengeYou web site.