What/Who is ChallengeYou™?

ChallengeYou is not a big-budget game-development company. It is my passion. I'm an indie developer. Members know me as "ChallengeYou" or "CY" when they see me in the chat room or in their multiplayer games. I've been working on the website and enhancing the LevelCrafter editor for the past few years. I wouldn't even consider myself a game developer. I develop game-creation tools. Our members make the games. I feel more like a teacher ... a very proud one. I am in awe of what our members can create with LevelCrafter. Their imaginations and creativity create the content of ChallengeYou.

ChallengeYou is a fun and safe online community of really creative kids. LevelCrafter lets you quickly create online, 3D, multiplayer games or art that you can play and share with your friends, classmates, family, and other ChallengeYou members. You can also play other member's games, vote, add comments, chat, and link to your games. Members can compete in weekly game-building and racing contests.

If you are a parent, this is where you want your kids to be spending their time online. I strive to keep this KidSafe. See what our members have to say. If you are an educator, email me about group discounts to provide LevelCrafter to your entire class.

LevelCrafter and ChallengeYou are constantly being improved. So, look out for new features! If you have any ideas or comments, please contact me at [email protected].

Thanks for your support!